The Umbrella Factory

project floorplan
The Umbrella Factory is a condo conversion in Williamsburg.

DAM played a crucial role in the implementation of The Umbrella Factory by providing a comprehensive range of branding, marketing, and advertising services. By naming the building, creating a logo, and building a branding system, we helped establish a strong and recognizable visual identity for the project.

Our work in developing the website, eblast design, building signage, ad creative and neighborhood map played a vital role in promoting the building to potential visitors and tenants.

By creating marketing floor plans and a brochure, we helped showcase the unique features and benefits of the building to prospective buyers at each showing.

As a result of our advertising and branding efforts, The Umbrella Factory has attracted thousands of targeted buyers who are interested in the building's unique features and historic significance.

This has not only helped to establish The Umbrella Factory as a premier destination for buyers in New York City but has also helped to cement DAM's reputation as a leading provider of branding and advertising services in the real estate industry.